Thursday, August 14, 2008

"going to Carolina"

Well, work is off and going! I'm back in North Carolina! Unfortunately, without Patrick for a few more weeks :( I've been working a lot lately and doing stuff for the's in 4 months! I'm so excited and getting more and more excited with each passing day! I can't wait for Patrick to be my husband and for me to be his wife! Sometimes I just sit back and think about how blessed I truly am to have met such a wonderful man. God is so good!
Well, speaking of Patrick...he is finishing up with the season. It's looking like his team will make the it could be the middle of September when he gets back. Of course, the middle of September is when Candace's wedding he is cutting it close!
I just finished up with orientation for UNC Healthcare this week. I officially start on the unit next Monday. I've also been doing on call work for the Women's Birth and Wellness Center, here in Chapel Hill. It's such a wonderful place. I love it.
Just wanted to update everyone. Life gets busy, and I forget to update, so I'm very sorry! I'm currently looking for my cable to upload pictures (you know what happens when you move!) so there will be some updates on pictures soon! Hope everyone is doing well!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

here's what's happenin

So ladies and gents:
This is my final week in California for this baseball season. It's crazy how this season has gone by so quickly! Patrick will be spending about another month out here and then heading back to NC. It will be so nice to be back with our families and friends. I'm already planning on when to see everyone! However, I'm planning on being very busy with work through the next few months so that we can be saving for our wedding a little more. I officially start a job at UNC on August 11th. It's gonna be wonderful because I'll be working with a lot of close friends. I'm also going to continue working for the Women's Birth and Wellness Center in Chapel Hill because I LOVE IT! It's so awesome getting to be part of births that are completely and totally natural! Wonderful, wonderful place! The wedding planning continues to go smoothly. I can't wait! Well, I'm off to the gym (so that I can fit into that wedding dress!) I'll be posting from NC very soon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"rollin', rollin'...."

Hola to everyone! Just got back today from a roadtrip down to Lancaster,CA. We were there for a few days, then traveled to Bakersfield for another stretch of games. I, however, had to come back to Stockton because I have an interview for a per diem job tomorrow! Yay!
We had a lovely 4th of July (obviously spent at the ballpark). The fireworks were very nice and I met some interesting people. We've gotten a lot accomplished lately with the wedding. We even booked our honeymoon! So exciting! I just got everything together today for all the invitation stuff. Things are moving along smoothly! Five months to go!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holy cow!

So whoa! The past two weeks have been absolutely insane. It's all living the minor league baseball life!! So here we go....
Monday, June 23rd Patrick called me around 4pm and said that I needed to pack up all of our stuff because we were driving back to Stockton, CA. Fortunately, we actually got to drive, because on a typical day Patrick would've had to be there the next day and have to catch a flight out very quickly. However, it was all-star break and the Stockton team had 2 days off. Thank goodness I didn't have to make that drive by myself.
So, we left at 8pm and drove all night to Las Vegas (we didn't win any money), but we did have a great time. Wed. we finished the drive to Stockton.
I have to say that we were both a bit disappointed to be moving back down to Stockton, but both realize that this is just God's way of shaking up our plans. This is obviously where we are supposed to be right now. My job in Midland is still open so that when we go back (hopefully soon), I'll go right back to work.
Patrick is doing very well here, and just working on getting back to where he was 2 months ago. Baseball is really a roller-coaster ride.
Currently, we are in Lancaster, CA (about an hour outside of LA) on a road trip. I'm sitting here listening to Patrick and his friend argue about how one has a better baseball card collection than the other one. How old are we?? Anyway, I'm outta here, but thought I'd let everyone know what the heck is going on!! Take care!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

just an update

Hope you guys enjoy the latest pictures. I spent last week in NC getting wedding stuff done and it was so much fun! We did the cake tasting, I got my dress (thank you tremendously Annemie!), figured out my flowers, and got invitation stuff done. On top of that, I got to see all of my amazing friends and family. It was great to see everyone and to just catch up on what's going on in all of our lives.
Well, today I have been doing wedding stuff as well. I'm working on getting my save-the-dates done and updating our wedding page. We just finished registering. We registered at sears(wonder who's idea that was!), Macys, and Target. Planning the wedding has just been a blast. I just can't wait to get married. It is gonna be amazing.
This morning, we participated in a walk/run that the Midland Rockhounds sponser to help raise money for cancer. It was awesome. Steph and I actually participated in the event, and the guys rode around in a golf cart handing out water...wonder what was harder..haha! The event kicked off last year, when one of the players, Jed Morris, was diagnosed with leukemia in the middle of the baseball season. However, this year, Jed is a healthy cancer survivor and has returned back to Midland to continue playing.
Speaking of baseball, it has been so much fun being able to go to the games. However, Patrick has had a frustrating month. I guess that's the way baseball goes, but I would really appreciate your prayers for him. It's just very easy to get frustrated over it. We both realize that God is in full control and has us where we are right now for a reason. We understand that God has given Patrick such a wonderful talent, but it still proves to be difficult sometimes. Patrick continues to play hard and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him. We are very optimistic that this season will go very well.
I have some more pictures that I'm putting in a slideshow that should be up shortly. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer!

On the road again

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"the minor league lifestyle"

Hey everybody! I'm finally figuring out how to get my pictures to come up in a slideshow, so I'm just including a whole bunch of pictures from California. Hope everyone enjoys them. They're quite random. Some of them are from when mom and dad visited and from carmen and casey's visit.
Anyway, just wanted to update everyone. Life is good in world of the minor leagues. Patrick and the team are in Oklahoma currently. However, I have some wonderful friends that are here to hang out with. My friends Missy and Steph are absolutely fabulous. They are also here because of there significant others. Missy's husband is the shortstop Cliff Pennington, and Steph's boyfriend is Anthony Recker, the catcher. I am truly blessed to have wonderful people to hang out with. Missy and I have had dinner together quite a few nights this week, and Steph got here on Thursday. It's so nice to know people that are in the same boat. It seems that God always gives me people that I can relate to. Like last year, I really got to know my friend Laura, who's husband plays for the Marlins organization. She continues to be such a wonderful support. Missy, Steph, and I are constantly joking about the "minor league life", especially as we're all standing around Missy's bar eating because we don't have a kitchen table, or when Steph had to drag her air mattress into the living room of their apt. because the only chairs they have to watch tv on are lawn chairs! It's not always glamourous, but we love and support our boys! Oh the things we will have to tell our children!
I'm very excited to be flying home in about a week and a half to do tons of wedding planning and get to see my family. It's gonna be a blast. Hopefully I'll have some new pics...and since I've figured this thing out, I'll actually post them! Hope to post again soon!